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Perché i cani si strusciano nell'erba quando li porti a fare una passeggiata?

Why do dogs grind in the grass when you take them for a walk?

Let's see together the three most frequent reasons why dogs roll in the grass when you take them for a walk.

1. Smells of other dogs

During a walk with your beloved dog, it can happen that he smells the scent of another dog and that he feels the innate need to rub on the grass to get that smell. It is a completely natural gesture that many dogs do to interact with other dogs.

Obviously we do not perceive this smell, but the dog with its extremely developed sense of smell can smell odors that we do not perceive.

2. The heat

When the temperature rises too quickly, the dog needs to lower the body temperature. In fact, our four-legged friends in addition to the hair have a natural layer of fat that covers them and protects them from excessive cold. So when the heat is suddenly felt some dogs seek refreshment by rolling in the fresh grass, possibly in the shade of a tree.

It is therefore important not to take the dog out for a walk in the hottest and hottest hours of the day, but to prefer the cooler hours. When this is not possible then the walks must be shorter than usual so as not to make our dog suffer too much from the heat. Also, make sure you always carry fresh water with you.

3. The itch

The back is one of the points that the dog cannot reach due to its physical conformation. So when the itch is unbearable, we will see our dog scratching against the floor, grass or dirt.

Itching may only be a momentary thing, but if it is repeated several times a day it is good to check that the dog does not have external parasites such as fleas and ticks, or any allergies. In case of doubts it is always good to contact your trusted veterinarian.

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