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About us - Make their life better

At Tasty Pet we believe that ANIMALS MAKE LIFE BETTER and we feel a strong responsibility towards taking care of their nutrition and their health.

We started TASTY PET Organic Bakery, because we wanted our dogs and cats to eat healthy-high quality food, with zero salt, zero sugar, zero additives and zero preservatives, to guarantee them a healthier and longer life.

Tasty Pet proposes itself as an innovative reality that is based on transparency and the will to take care of the total health of animals, starting with food, the key element for a healthy dog ​​and cat.

We wanted to feed our animals correctly, so we created a range of Biscuits, Snacks, Pocket Mignons and we also studied a complete and balanced food, composed of fresh and healthy ingredients, to feed our dogs and cats in a healthy way every day. . For us at Tasty Pet it was important to create greater awareness of the food we feed our animals, its origin and how it is produced, which is why all our foods are Made in Italy and handcrafted by us in our laboratory. Our food has a greater friability than common kibble, does not swell in the stomach and is therefore much more digestible.

The Dog Food line includes two sizes, for mini-toy and small sized dogs and for medium-large sized dogs, to make chewing easier and to keep their teeth clean. The Cat food line is a complete food rich in proteins and vitamins, therefore it satisfies the nutritional needs of all types of cats.

We also wanted to contribute to the protection of the environment from chemical additives and to conserve biodiversity, which is why our products contain selected meat and fish, vegetables and fruit, perfect for keeping animals in full health. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and our cats and dogs.

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