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I millennium danno la massima priorità agli animali domestici quando acquistano una casa

Milleniums give pets top priority when buying a home

 If you ask a forty-year-old what features his dream home should have, you will probably hear things like a large kitchen, a walk-in closet, a two-car garage. If the same question is asked at a millennium, the most frequent answer is that the house is suitable and comfortable for your pets.

The American Pet Products Association has in fact noted that 73% of milleniums own a pet and 89% of milleniums who buy a home own a pet. 79% of these buyers would not have bought the home if it was not suitable for their dogs or cats. This is a completely new behavior that sees the well-being of our four-legged friends in the top list when buying a home.
In addition to buying a house with all the comforts for dogs and cats, for the milleniums it is also important that the house is close to parks where they can walk their dogs and an outdoor space for pets in general. 

Will the future be homes with dog showers and bedrooms?

We do not know, but certainly the love that the millennium have for dogs and cats will continue to be an important factor in choosing their home.

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