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“A Pelo D’Acqua “ a Carrù: inaugurata con successo la piscina per cani

“A Pelo D'Acqua“ in Carrù: the dog pool successfully inaugurated

Summer equates to heat and more and more often we ask ourselves how to overcome the heat and that terrible humidity that knocks everyone out… everyone, including our four-legged friends.

This is what came to mind to the staff of the Centro Canofilo Etologico "Porta della Langa" asd in Carrù when they decided to inaugurate, for the second consecutive year, their "A pelo acqua" dog pool.

On the occasion of the first edition of the Summerfest on Sunday 30 June, about twenty dogs spent the day full of fun. Under the watchful eyes of the organizers, then the "games without borders" for the dog-owner pairs, but also sniffing games, dog agility simulations, cognitive games and, finally, the coveted dip in the pool!

" A wonderful day full of fun" - are the first words of the president of the ASD Daniel Ossino - "The aim of the dog educator is to provide the owner with the tools necessary to manage the dog in everyday life, creating a continuous and constant dialogue between the dog and its human companion. It is essential to be in perfect harmony with a view to interaction and continuous growth, one more motivation to have fun together by sharing unforgettable moments. This is what we try to do together with colleagues and friends ”.

With these statements, the staff of the dog center announces the start of the Monregalese aquatic season for dogs and owners, with a real open-air swimming pool designed specifically for dogs, where it will be possible to take part in the activities organized by the instructors or relax at the open air in pleasant company.

For all information and reservations, you can contact the staff directly at 333/6630789 or visit the website


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