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Cibo Monoproteico per cani: perchè usarlo

Monoproteic food for dogs: why use it

Allergies are on the rise, especially in recent years. Let's talk about food intolerances and reactions to food . We are talking, in Europe alone, of nearly 20 million people suffering from this problem.

So we ask ourselves: why have these intolerances increased so much?

The answer lies in the food we eat and have eaten to date. To give an example: gluten intolerance and celiac disease are mostly caused by the increase in the use of refined flours, and by the genetic modification of wheat, which our body was not used to.

As for humans, even for our dogs, food allergies and intolerances can create simple annoyances, such as a slight itch or rather serious damage such as gastrointestinal or even respiratory problems .

But while for us humans it is sufficient to undergo an allergy test, it is not the same for our four-legged friends. In reality, tests also exist for them but they are extremely expensive and imprecise.

The source of protein can be, for example, chicken, beef, salmon or even vegetable sources, the important thing is that it is the only one.

Most dogs do not need a single- protein food , which is instead necessary when pathologies resulting from food allergies or intolerances arise. These manifest themselves with intestinal, digestive or cutaneous symptoms.

For this reason, the practice used by veterinarians is to use the exclusion diet, which consists in gradually eliminating certain types of food and seeing when the problem no longer arises.

How is Monoproteic food composed:

A salmon croquette is very different from a monoprotein salmon croquette . The first contains salmon as the first ingredient, the second contains only salmon proteins, such as the TastyPet salmon croquettes.

When starting a mono-protein diet with the aim of identifying the protein that generates the intolerance, it is necessary to be very strict. To see some results, the diet must be followed for at least a month and the animal must not be given any other protein.

The line of TastyPet croquettes is completely monoproteic , in fact each type has only one source of protein inside. If you want to find out more, just click here: DISCOVER TASTYPET FOOD

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