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I vantaggi dell'alimentazione mista per il tuo cane e gatto

The benefits of mixed nutrition for your dog and cat

Did you know that on a mixed diet you will find a variety of benefits that improve your best friend's health?

Dogs and cats prefer to eat a mixture of wet and dry foods over dry food alone.

In Tasty Pet you will find a wide variety of wet and dry food for your pet. Wet food complements your pet's diet very well and increases pleasure, adding variety to their diet thanks to the wide selection of protein sources and textures ( see our Jars) . Dry food, on the other hand, satisfies the desire to consume many small meals throughout the day.
Our jars and vitamin toppings are a great option to complement their diet and our 100% natural food for cats and dogs provides all the vitamins and proteins needed for your pet to have a great diet.

Among the most important advantages we find the following:

Urinary health: When you give your cat wet food, it can increase your cat's water intake, resulting in more urine output. The higher volume of water dilutes urine by increasing the frequency of urination, both of which can help minimize the formation of mineral crystals or urinary stones, supporting good urinary tract health. (Also try the healthy line: Urinary-Detox)

Weight Management : Many studies have shown that when dogs and cats are fed a moisture-rich diet, they eat less food, decrease weight and increase activity levels compared to dogs and cats fed only a dry food diet. (Try "Dietetic Light" for your dog)

Healthy Metabolism: Wet food provides a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, helps satisfy instinctive eating behavior, and helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Oral health: The crunchy texture of dry food helps keep teeth clean by scraping away plaque and tartar. (See also our Dental Sticks)

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