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For you my love: 5 cose da fare con il tuo peloso questo San Valentino!

For you my love: 5 things to do with your dog this Valentine's Day!

Happily single or married, in a long-distance relationship just starting, or at any stage of the relationship, there is a partner to celebrate Valentine's Day who can never go wrong, your four-legged best friend. And that's celebrating a day or, for that matter, a week, with your furry ones. After all they are the true masters of unconditional love no matter what happens, they will always love you.

When you have one or more pets at home, there are many things you can do. Here is a list of the top five things you can indulge yourself in.

A Picnic: If you have a pet who is a travel enthusiast, take your pet harnessed and leashed to a park and bring a picnic filled with treats for both of you. On the way back, take a long walk and end the day by visiting a pet-friendly café. Discover For You My Love for Dog

Take your pet for a ride in the car: If you love each other's company more, take a trip to a beautiful place. We've been stuck in our homes a long time now, and who doesn't like to change scenery.

A Movie Marathon: Is your pet a movie buff like you? Nothing can be better than snuggling up in a blanket on the sofa with your pet and watching your favorite pet-themed movies together. So grab some popcorn for yourself and your dog's favorite snacks, our "For you my love" snacks for dogs and cats are the best option for Valentine's Day movie night.

Love for the less fortunate: Remember that you can still shower stray dogs and cats with love on Valentine's Day. You can also sign up to volunteer or foster care at your local shelters.

We wanted to share the love for our pets with you, so we're doing a Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Enter this link , complete the steps and go! You will be able to win one of the 4 Trial Boxes for Dog or Cat.

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