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20 curiosità da sapere su cani e gatti - Vol 2

20 curiosities to know about dogs and cats - Vol 2

If you liked the first part, you will love this second one! Discover 10 curiosities about dogs and cats:

11. Newborn puppies don't wag their tails.

Puppies do not wag their tails before 3 weeks of age and some puppies do not wag their tails until 7 weeks old. Veterinarians believe the babies are fit, but are very busy eating and sleeping. As they become more aware, they start wagging their tails as a sign of communication and love.

12. Early contact with humans is essential for kittens

Cats biting the hand that feeds them means they have already been exposed to people. According to experts, cats must have constant contact with humans in the first 7 weeks of life, otherwise they will never come into contact with people again. It only takes 5 minutes a day in the first few weeks of learning for a cat to bite the hand of the person who feeds it.

13. Dogs see in black and white

This isn't exactly true for dog researchers. Dogs see shades of blue, purple, yellow and more gray than humans. Furthermore, they see better in low light and can notice the slightest movement. They do not see red, orange and green due to some sensitive cells in the retina of the eye.

14. Myth: Hot nose, sick dog

The temperature of the dog's nose changes continuously, but this is not a sign that the dog is sick. It can be hot and dry when in the sun or cold and humid when in the water. Signs of illness most often associated with a hot nose are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, coughing, and more.

15. Difficulty walking indicates a lung problem

Chest cancer can cause foot pain. A typical symptom of lung cancer is coughing, although 25% of dogs have no symptoms until cancer is diagnosed on X-ray.

16. Dogs need bones

Nowadays, domestic dogs can get all the calcium and nutrition they need from dog food, and even some animal lovers who don't like to eat meat choose to give their pets vegetables or plants, some more beneficial of others, including some plants that are dangerous for your pet. Fortunately the bones do not pose a great danger, however, the bones satisfy the chewing instinct of dogs, which can become even more ferocious.

17. Cats need milk

The ancient myth of the need for milk for cats is a completely incorrect myth. Giving your cat cow's milk can cause diarrhea. Kittens drink their mother's milk until they grow up, like all mammals, and perhaps when they grow up they will appreciate the taste of cow's milk. But adult cats don't need much lactose.

18. Myth: The dog's tongue heals wounds.

There is no healing miracle in canine licking, contrary to popular belief, in fact, the opposite is true: your dog's mouth contains bacteria that can cause infections that delay the healing process, and it may also have dangerous bacteria that make it worse. noticeably a wound.

19. Fact: Cats kiss with their eyes.

According to experts, cats can communicate in different ways. When it comes to people, this rapid opening of the eyes demonstrates affection, even love.

20. dogs fall in love

Anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas claims that dogs can fall in love. According to the anthropologist, few dogs manage to develop relationships because most of them are "in captivity" as domestic dogs.
Perhaps you have discovered some facts you didn't know that now fuel the love you have for your pet. Surely now you see and analyze them much more, perhaps you are even interested in knowing more about your pet, there is a lot to know about their personality, their physique and all the needs that your dog or cat has. They are a world of mysteries that we can discover.

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