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I vostri cani amano nuotare?

Do your dogs love to swim?

Contrary to what one might think, not all dogs know how to swim and not all dogs like to splash around in water.

However, there are some breeds that just can't resist the temptation of a nice bath, even when temperatures touch zero.

Let's see together some of the dog breeds that love water:

1. Labrador

When we put the word dog and water together, we immediately think of the Labrador.

This breed loves any pool of water, let alone the sea! He learns to swim from an early age and is tireless.

The best gift you can give a Labrador? A swimming pool in the garden!

2. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is the quintessential dog breed for water rescues. But it is not only the love that these dogs feel for water or their size that make them perfect rescuers, but also the double layer of fur that insulates the skin from the cold and allows them to swim even in the coldest waters. Also equipped with webbed legs, making it an excellent swimmer.

3. Spanish water dog

Of Andalusian origin, it was initially used as a shepherd dog, but later adopted as a helper on boats and for hunting.

This breed is now widespread in Spain and often accompanies fishermen in the recovery of fish, thanks to its innate love for water and its great adaptability.

4. Irish Water Spaniel

Also known as "clown dog", the Irish Water Spaniel, as its name suggests, loves water. If well trained, they are an excellent breed for hunting water game. The thick coat makes the skin waterproof so it can swim in rivers, seas or lakes.

5. Golden Retriever

Another dog who loves water. The Golden Retriever loves being in the water, but you should always make sure to dry his tail after each bath. This breed suffers from the so-called "cold tail" syndrome, an inflammation of the nerve of the lower part of the tail that is caused by humidity and must therefore be prevented by not keeping it wet.

6. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is not afraid of anything, much less water. He is an excellent swimmer.

7. Hesapeake Bay Retriever

This dog owes its name to the bay of the same name near Baltimore. It has a great passion for water and is a breed belonging to the hunting and retrieving class.

8. Water Frisian

Dog of Dutch origin, whose original name is Wetterhoun, which means "water dog".

Small in size, it has a very thick and curly fur that protects it from cold waters.

9. American Water Spaniel

Breed of American origin, born on the banks of the Fox and Wolf rivers in Wisconsin, little known outside the United States.

These dogs were used to retrieve ducks during canoe hunting.

10. Poodle

Who would have thought that? Poodles are also among the dog breeds that love water the most. The poodle breed dates back to the 15th century when nobles used it as a companion dog. But since the early Renaissance, the poodle was used to retrieve swans and ducks from rivers and lakes.

Do you have a dog that loves water and is not on this list? Let us know!

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