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Primavera in arrivo senza parassiti: come prevenire pulci e zecche!

Spring is coming without pests: how to prevent fleas and ticks!

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With warmer weather comes a lot more than fresh grass and flowering trees. Fleas and ticks are in fact present and can be a nuisance for everyone. Not only do they cause irritation to your pet's skin when they bite it, but they also carry disease.

How do pets get fleas and ticks?
Unfortunately, fleas are quite pervasive, as they can be carried to other dogs; they can be in the grass, at your home, or even in boarding or grooming facilities. If your dog is not protected against fleas and ticks, there are many ways he can be exposed.

Ticks, on the other hand, always come from outside. I'm in the tall grass. If you live near fields or in wooded areas, your dogs can pick them up as they walk or run around these areas.

Can my pet get fleas and ticks if he is primarily an indoor dog?
Yes, because even dogs who are mainly indoors have to go out to go to the bathroom. Fleas and ticks can also be found on porches and decks, and other times friends and neighbors bring dogs to your home and these pets could carry fleas and ticks. And if you have a cat outdoors, this is another way your dog might be exposed, even if the dog just goes out to do his business.

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What are the health problems associated with fleas and ticks?
Fleas are irritating to dogs when they bite them for blood, and dogs can be allergic to them and have something called flea allergy dermatitis. A dog will be bothered by the flea bite, and when the dog retaliates by biting the flea, he can catch tapeworm.

Not only are fleas and ticks disease carriers, but they can also get caught in your pet's ears, causing severe irritation and infection.

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The disease most feared by all dog owners is undoubtedly leishmaniasis , caused by a parasite, the sand fly, an insect present in the twilight and night hours and in particular when temperatures are around 15-20 °.

In conclusion, in spring it is important to take care of the dog and cat to always protect them. In all cases, owners can count on their trusted veterinarian to take care of their four legs.

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