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Perché il mio cane abbaia continuamente? Come fermarlo?

Why is my dog ​​barking all the time? How to stop it?

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, the constant barking of any dog ​​can drive their owners crazy.

If your dog barks constantly, you certainly have had the feeling of living in an uncontrollable situation. It can be annoying to your neighbors and people who are associated with you and your dog. But if your dog's barking has become a routine, there may be a bigger problem than annoying others. PetMD notes that the most common reasons a dog won't stop barking are: anxiety, obsession, and excitement.

However, it is sometimes difficult to understand for owners who strive to serve and care for their best friend in the best way possible. If you have a dog, one of the things you should know is that barking is your faithful companion's way of communicating.

Therefore, if your dog barks excessively, he is probably trying to tell you something. Let's try to find out what!

What is your dog trying to tell you with his barking?

While your dog's barking may seem like problematic behavior, there is often an underlying message. Some reasons why dogs bark continuously are:

1. They are bored, lonely or suffer from separation anxiety

Dogs are pack animals, and if left alone too long or too often, they can bark. They will do this especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. These barks will occur when you are not around, either just before you leave the house or just after you arrive.

2. They are very territorial, protective or easily scared

Many dogs are naturally protective of their home and family. Some breeds more than others, such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Komondors. But most dogs have this instinct to some extent. These barks tend to be a little more aggressive, especially if they feel threatened. Additionally, they can be too lenient with traumatized, anxious, and assertive dogs.

3. They are particularly excitable, sociable or attention-seeking

Even if we don't perceive it this way, sometimes dogs bark when they are happy to see someone. If your dog is very social, barking may be his way of playing and interacting with a person or animal.

What can I do if my dog ​​barks continuously?

It's understandable that it's frustrating to live with a "barking" dog. The good news is that paying attention to their behavior will allow you to identify the problem. As long as it's not a physical pain or ailment that makes them bark for help, their barking can be addressed and resolved over time.

Meet your needs

Even if it seems superfluous to mention it, it is important. Make sure they always have access to water and food. Sometimes he may simply remind you that his drinker has run out of water. Remember it's their way of communicating!

Interact with your dog daily

It will help you establish a stronger bond between you and calm your anxiety when you feel alone. Without forgetting to take advantage of the walks as much as possible in order to expend excess energy and socialize with other friends.

Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible

Meals, walks, games and training always at the same time (as far as possible). This will help ease their anxiety and help them know when to expect certain things. Plus, giving him a little more time, like playing with him a little before going to work, will mean a lot to your dog.

Bones and toys!

Bones will be your best ally if your dog barks continuously. For those who have extra energy and need to fill their time with fun, bones are a solution. And toys and games are a great way to mentally stimulate him while you can't be with him. It's easy: if he's entertained and distracted, he won't bark.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

If your dog always barks at the same window, the answer is there. Check what happens in that place and try to fix it. For example, lowering the roller shutter or not giving him access to that place.

And remember, barking is not "bad" behavior.

Considering that dogs use barking to communicate with people and other animals, a dog's barking is not a bad thing. Now, if this happens excessively, we have the ability to know why or how to improve the situation. In most cases, barking is just a way for our dog to let us know if he is influenced by stimuli in his environment, to express his excitement and even his joy.

If your dog barks continuously, it's a great opportunity to review and incorporate habits, activities and behaviors. And when in doubt, remember that there are specialists such as dog trainers and educators who can help you.

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