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Che cos'è il sacca primordiale dei gatti?

What is the primordial sac of cats?

The primordial sac is the abdominal flab that some cats have on their bellies. A sort of hanging skin that moves even when they walk. Do you want to know what it is for?

The primordial pouch (Primordial Pouch, Felline Pouch or Cat Belly Flap) is located in front of the cat's hind legs. This is excess skin and fat that resembles the typical loose skin of people who have lost a lot of weight.

If you have noticed that your cat has this flab on his abdomen that swings like a pendulum when he walks, you are probably wondering if your cat was or is very fat.

Feline overweight is a common phenomenon and it is important to control it, but if you rely only on this flab, know that it has nothing to do with weight.

What is the primordial bag for?

This bag is a legacy of the wild origin of cats and is said to have 3 main uses:

  • Protection . By having this additional layer, he has an extra permanent shield. This is especially necessary in combat. When cats fight, they usually go on their stomachs. And they do the signature scratch with their hind legs (“playing the guitar” we call it at home, affectionately). Many important organs are located in the belly area, so this additional shield is an advantage.
  • Freedom of movement . The excess skin gives the cat greater elasticity because, when necessary, it stretches like an accordion. This allows cats to take longer steps and gain speed when running.
  • Food preservation . Wild cats don't know when they will eat again, so this allows them to conserve supplies.

Which cats have this sack?

There are no specific characteristics that cause a kitten to have the primordial sac or not. Females, males, young and old cats, purebred cats or common cats can have it...

It is supposed to be a legacy of the kitten's wild origin, so it is often seen in stray cats, but domestic cats can also have it.

Some breeds consider this pouch as a standard, so it is a requirement for the purebred kitten, such as Bengal cats, Egyptian Mau cats, Pixie Bobs and Japanese Bobtails.

Probably because these cat breeds are among those that retain the wildest traits, similar to the original cats.

It's funny how some theorize that cats have a "warrior gene," the gene that causes them to have traits like the primal pouch. The author of Animal Logic states: "Carriers of this gene possess courage, determination and other qualities that are beyond what can be expected of a cat in modern times."

The usefulness of the primordial pouch makes sense if large wild cats preserve it: the tiger, the jaguar...

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