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Gluten-free products, benefits also for gluten-intolerant animals

Gluten-free products, benefits also for gluten-intolerant animals

Perhaps not everyone knows that celiac disease is as common a problem in humans as it is in animals.

Although this is a very difficult problem to recognize because, our four-legged friends have no way to tell us, we must be very careful to catch the signals and immediately run for cover replacing the feed that we were giving it with something more healthy and gluten-free. In fact, on the market, there are many feeds for dogs based on wheat, flour, corn, etc. and, often, it is not even written on the labels as these ingredients are used as an additive or as an amalgamant for the main ingredients considered.

An example? Some turkey croquettes will not only have turkey inside but may have more or less large quantities of flour; as we all know, however, it does not matter how much the amount of flour is ingested, if a dog is gluten intolerant sooner or later that his body will begin to show signs of this intoxication.

We have thought, to meet this need and help masters and dogs in this delicate management of the celiac problem, to offer a range of gluten-free products, always 100% natural, organic and therefore safe for the proper functioning of the organism animal without any kind of threat.

The symptoms of celiac disease are varied and involve vomiting, skin rash and itching but also difficulty in breathing and in some severe cases even convulsions.

This is because, as it happens for humans, ingesting gluten-free foods, perhaps initially without knowing they have a problem related to this substance, the food begins to assimilate some quantities going to intoxicate the body. This also happens in our dog friends.

The first thing to do will therefore change the food products used and choose a gluten-free option but that it is really and, above all, being a moment, a very delicate phase in which our dog must again assimilate all the nutrients lost it is essential to offer him some really healthy, natural food that will help him to detox from the gluten by ingesting something really pure and clean.

In the Tasty Pet product range we have two Gluten-free options: one based on turkey and another based on red fruits, thus offering a variant both carnivorous but also a vegetarian for all those who intend to insert this gluten-free feed into the diet of their dog, even managing to mix more needs in one.

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