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Eating Healthy even for our dog friends

Eating Healthy even for our dog friends

Nowadays most dog feeds are made up of harmful, chemical and nutritious substances that have practically nothing. We decided, with Tasty Pet, to make a real inversion of the march proposing, even for our four-legged friends, a healthy, organic variant that would help them to grow really healthier and stronger. In recent years there has been a big change regarding a greater awareness of the foods we bring to the table, their provenance and how, the food industry, proposes products that are less and less natural and increasingly processed and treated and that therefore lose all the nutrients essential to our life and our health. If this sector has become so edgy and full of pitfalls for humans, this certainly does not change for our canine friends. We created TASTY PET Organic Bakery, because we wanted our dogs to eat exactly like us, healthy foods of excellent quality giving the owners a different choice from the usual products that, perhaps, are proposed as genuine products but they are not at all.

So we created a cookie that was natural, organic and very tasty, a cookie that we would be proud to share with all the people who love and take care of the health of their dogs.

It has emerged from various researches, that pet food consists of a meal mainly composed of animal waste and added with questionable substances, such as artificial flavorings, preservatives, BHA, BHT, ingredients that are definitely harmful for health and for delicate organs. of our pets.

We have therefore decided to offer a variation of certified organic cookies, which reflect our core values ​​that are based on proposing natural ingredients, appetizing flavors and healthy products. Our Healthy line is the sum of everything we believe in and that we intend to offer through our Organic Bakery.

The Healthy line includes a range of three variants that can be included in the diet of our four-legged friends: Healthy Chicken, Healthy Beef, Healthy Salmon thinking to please all palates but also all the most varied needs thus covering white meat, red meat but also salmon. The cookies of the Healthy line are all absolutely organic, natural, no GMO and designed to give our dogs a prize or a snack without putting their health at risk but without sacrificing taste!

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