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Sai cosa c'è nei croccantini che dai tutti i giorni al tuo cane?

Do you know what's in the treats you give your dog every day?

Today we are all very careful about what we eat and our health. We want to have a healthy lifestyle, we choose organic and natural products , perhaps at zero km, and we finally understood how important all this is for ourselves.

We examine the labels of the products in the supermarket, we ask ourselves if the farmer's fruit and vegetables are checked, and in any case we are willing to spend a little more and shop in the shops that are able to guarantee an excellent standard of quality .

We do all this to live better, for ourselves and for our families.

But have we ever wondered what our four-legged friends eat every day ?

Let's face it, we do not have a precise idea of ​​what is inside the cans for dogs , let alone in the treats and the rest of the dry food.

Unfortunately, the regulations in force in Italy for the animal food industry are not as stringent as those for humans , and the labels show very general and approximate terms.

As it has emerged from all the studies conducted over the years, many products for example for dogs and cats, dry and wet, mainly contain animal waste added with questionable, often harmful substances: artificial flavors, preservatives, BHA, BHT ... All ingredients harmful to the health.

"If we treat our dog like a member of the family, we have to take care of his nutrition, as we would a child."

Is there a way to avoid feeding our dogs these substances?

Absolutely yes, for this reason TASTY PET was born, synonymous with 100% natural and designed for your dog's health.


The crunchies are completely natural , organic and tasty. Prepared using only natural products, such as beef, pork or salmon and without adding salt,  sugar, additives or preservatives. This means for your dog an increase in the quality and duration of his life.

Where can I try TastyPet's organic and natural croquettes?

You can find them by clicking on one of the buttons on this page, you will go to our shop where you can proceed with the purchase and start improving your dog's life!

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