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Come pulire i denti ai nostri cani

How to clean our dogs' teeth

Cleaning dogs' teeth is a very important activity to be carried out regularly to ensure our dog's oral hygiene and therefore to avoid problems with bad breath and oral cavity problems.

Problems such as tartar, gingivitis and tooth loss are increasingly common and not only among older dogs, but also among dogs by their third year of age.

It is not possible to use our toothpaste to clean dogs' teeth, but a special toothpaste must be purchased for them. There are meat-flavored toothpastes on the market, which make the task of the owners easier.

However, a lot of patience is required and it will probably take several weeks for the dog to get used to brushing his teeth. It will therefore be necessary to start gradually, first by lightly touching the dog's gums, then moving on to the use of toothpaste to spread with your fingers and finally using the dog toothbrush.

Alternatively, in stores, you can also find fluoride bone, which is a good complement to the toothbrush and toothpaste but does not replace them.

For those who want a do-it-yourself solution for cleaning their dogs' teeth, it is possible to prepare toothpaste with very few ingredients.

Preparing toothpaste for dogs is very simple and cheap: just use a little baking soda, water and a few drops of coconut oil, mix everything until you get a batter. Baking soda is usually very popular with dogs and performs an important sanitizing function for the teeth.

It is good to start cleaning dogs' teeth from an early age to avoid the formation of tartar and the onset of diseases related to oral hygiene.

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