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Monoprotein products for dogs, benefits for our friends allergic to certain dietary proteins

Monoprotein products for dogs, benefits for our friends allergic to certain dietary proteins

In addition to our passion and our love for animals we want to introduce you to a new type of pet food that we thought to hinder the proliferation of dangerous products for our dogs suffering from food intolerances.

When dealing with a dog intolerant to a particular type of food protein, not only is it difficult in itself to discover the signs immediately but it is also difficult to get away from the commercial traps that are on the shelves of the most common supermarkets. Unfortunately, in fact, today there are many products on the market that bear the label: chicken-based food, salmon-based food, etc., but, in fact, within the product, not only will there be many preservatives and numerous harmful chemicals but also other food substances of various kinds that, for a dog allergic to a certain type of food protein, could actually be dangerous to his health. This is why we have introduced monoprotein products for dogs in our product range, to guarantee the purity and uniqueness of the products and their fundamental nutrients.

The principle on which the monoprotein foods are based is that of guaranteeing the right tolerability of the feed even to animals with problems of food allergies or intolerances. Obviously, on the market, there are many products that claim to be monoproteics but which in reality are not so, however, this too is becoming a trend, a fashion and the manufacturers must answer the question but also want to keep their budget and investments by proposing shoddy products and sometimes even not really monoproteins. Our mission is to offer products that are 100% monoproteici, natural and organic, offering foods that could be easily eaten by man!

In short, if the animal does not tolerate a specific type of meat, fish or cereal, it will have a series of serious consequences starting from skin rashes up to real problems related to the digestive system, even going so far as not to be assimilated to animal assimilated foods. The result? Our four-legged friend will not have the necessary nutrients to feel good and will feel tired and decayed.

The monoproteic foods offered can be found in two variants, chicken and pork and enriched with vegetables or yogurt to promote both the assimilation of proteins but also the completeness of the meal in a balanced but also tasty.


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