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Jogging con il nostro amato fido

Jogging with our beloved dog

Jogging is a very beautiful sport because it frees you from stress and you can practice it outdoors. But have you ever thought about running with your dog?

Many of you already do this, but it should be noted that not all dogs are suitable for jogging with you. There are dog breeds that have no difficulty running with you, others such as pugs for example that do not enjoy excellent breathing could hyperventilate while jogging, so it should absolutely be avoided.

What are the dog breeds more prone to running then?

In general, all large sizes are good for jogging with you. Labrador, German Shepherd, Husky, Golden Retriever are all passionate about the game, full of energy so a good run with you will always be appreciated. Hunting dogs cannot be missing, as they love to travel long distances and are therefore the perfect breed for jogging.

In general, the distances traveled must still be moderate, especially if they are the first times you go out with the dog, and the times must be appropriate. The cooler hours of the day should be preferred.

Where do you run best with your dog?
The ideal places to run with the dog are obviously those surrounded by greenery, with a mixed ground, grass and stones to make the path less boring for our trusty. Road running should always be avoided, especially in hot weather and city center runs where animals are distracted by cars and people. '

But will the dog have fun with us?

Dogs benefit the most when accompanying their owner in his activities. Involving him in what we do, therefore even in a race, will serve to strengthen the bond with him. Furthermore, the dog while running unleashes many of its primary needs, especially if it lives in a house without a garden and in the city.

So arm yourself with a leash and have a good run!

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